Our curriculum at Headlands is designed to build towards success at GCSE as well as equipping students with practical skills, analytical skills and a love of cinema.

There is a strong focus on how meaning is created through a use of the key elements (cinematography, mise en scene, editing and sound) and how they are used to enhance genre and representation within a narrative.

Lessons are carefully sequenced, designed and differentiated to support the progress of individual students whilst encouraging an interest/love of film, so that all succeed and study with passion towards achieving their goals.

The Film Studies department is staffed by one experienced subject specialist.

The success of our curriculum is evident in our students’ exam results. We also judge our curriculum’s success in the ways that students become rounded human beings with strong emotional intelligence and a love of learning and appreciation of film as a creative art form.

Film Studies – Intent, Implementation, Impact


4 Year Curriculum Plan




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