Politics is offered as an A-Level course at Key Stage 5 and is about the government of the UK and USA in making decisions, as well as power relations between the government, the people and the courts.

It examines ideas and how political parties are used to represent their ideas. Elections are studied, in addition to election systems to evaluate which system is fairest and why.

At Headlands School we follow the KS5 Edexcel (Pearson) syllabus. Topics covered are: Politics of the UK, Political Ideas, Government of the UK and a comparison of the UK and USA. Our intent is to help students develop a love of Politics and develop a tolerance and acceptance of different opinions.

Informal assessment will be ongoing throughout the course, using homework, timed essays and pre-public exams. There is no coursework and formal assessment will be at the end of the two-year course, consisting of three two-hour exams.

Students enjoy Politics when they have an interest in people, current affairs and contemporary issues. It does not specifically prepare students for a particular career but the units involved are especially useful for careers within the media, government, the Civil Service, education, healthcare, the law and research.

It enriches students with important writing, evaluation and analysis skills to help them flourish in any higher or further education, or in future employment.

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