Headlands School is keen to hear from former students about their studies and careers. We would like to tell our current students about your experiences in the world of work or in higher education, after leaving Headlands.

Whether you went to university, started your own business, completed an apprenticeship, obtained professional qualifications or had a complete career change, we are looking for stories which will inspire the current #TeamHeadlands.

It is part of our efforts to improve our award-winning careers information and advice and to show success stories of former Headlands students.

Click on the photos below to find out more about some of our former students, what they are doing now, and their advice to our current students.

Harvey set up Gravity activity parks.

Ben is a reporter for Manchester United TV.

Rebecca is an actor, author and theatre reviewer.

Joanne is a midwife.

Faye works for the Red Bull website in Austria.

Megan works with brands such as Nike, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Aaron was a captain in The Army.

Jamie is a traffic constable.

Elliot is a PE teacher.

Luis is a police officer.

James is an IT consultant at the Home Office.

Samantha is now a freelance dancer.

Rianna works at Headlands School (and plays Premiership Rugby).

Richard is a public affairs and communications consultant.

Sam is Head of Activities at Haven Holidays.

Jane is a hotel manager in Germany.

Nicky is working to find a Covid-19 vaccine.

Chris was made an OBE for his services to the gas industry.

John works for the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

Joe is a tax advisor.

April is a recruitment consultant.

Callum is an accountant.

Kirsty is a freelance actress.

Jamie is training to be an estate agent.

Vicky is a funeral director.

Stephanie is a trainee counselling psychologist.

Carole was head of History and Year 7 at a private school.

Martyn is a graphic designer and art gallery curator.

Nicola is a library assistant and was a Gamesmaker at the London 2012 Olympics.

Natalie is a marketing and communications manager.

Cory works with the Coastal Services team.

Wendy is a midwife and worked as a staff nurse.

Beverley is headteacher of an international kindergarten in Thailand.

Mitchell is a musical director and instrumental tutor.

Howard runs his own plumbing and heating business.

Alison owns a property business in Portugal.

David is a detective sergeant with Humberside Police.

Daniel is a software engineer.

Liz was a librarian.

James is a sales executive.

Ben is a payroll administrator.

If you would like to get involved, download the form below, which has a few short questions about your time at Headlands School and what you went on to achieve next. Whether you stayed in Bridlington or moved away, we would love to hear from former students.

Send your completed form to john.edwards@headlandsschool.co.uk