Our KS5 Curriculum

In KS5, students study a personalised programme of lessons that suit their individual entry profiles and aspirations. The overwhelming majority of our students opt to study 3 Level 3 qualifications on an academic, vocational, or combined offer, in exceptional cases, some students pursue 4 A level subjects. The study plan also includes designated supported self-study time and a comprehensive programme of enrichment and personal development with the aim of preparing all our learners for the next stage of their lives. The curriculum offer at the Sixth Form currently comprises 23 diverse courses that is constantly updated in response to the aspirations of future cohorts and students are supported in ensuring that their study programme will allow them to successfully access their chosen destination. The enrichment and PSHCE programmes are designed to support the development of students not just academically, but personally, ensuring that everyone leaves us with the knowledge to succeed.

The curriculum on offer is dynamic and changes based on the requirements of the next cohort, ascertained through interviews with students and general expressions of interest from potential members of the sixth form. Staff are also encouraged to offer new subjects to students in order to share the passion and drive that they have for their field of expertise.

Typical Sixth Form Student (3 subjects):


Sixth Form Student (4 subjects):