This page has links to organisations and businesses in Bridlington which have close links with Headlands School and support many of our projects.

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Lloyd Dowson Chartered Accountants sponsor a number of awards at Headlands School every year, including categories at our Celebration Evenings and Sports Awards.

AB Graphic International is one of the main supporters and sponsors of the Tour de Bridlington event at Headlands each year.

Bridlington Lions Club sponsors the annual Leadership Awards at the Headlands School Celebration Evenings.

The Rotary Club of Bridlington sponsors the Service Before Self Awards at the annual Celebration Evening and has also worked with Headlands to support a short story competition for budding writers.

Headlands School regularly helps to charity work of the Hinge Centre in Bridlington. We gave all donations to our Reverse Advent project to them to distribute to local families.

The Bridlington Echo is a free community newspaper for the town, which regularly published stories of positive achievements by Team Headlands students.

Headlands teamed up with the Morrisons store in Bridlington to provide 200 Christmas meal bags for eligible families. It has also provided lunches for students at times during the lockdown.

Tesco in Bridlington has worked with Headlands on a number of projects and donated £1,000 towards the cost of new trampolines through its Bags Of Help scheme.