Headlands ARC

At Headlands ARC our ethos is to ensure every student is treated as an individual, independent learning is fostered and all students develop into confident young adults with positive future choices.

We are a bespoke alternative provision school located on the site of Headlands School. We believe that in working together we can accomplish more than we could alone.


As an alternative provision facility, our core values reflect the main schools.  They are Pride, Aspire and Respect.


As an alternative provision we aim to ‘work together to improve the life chances of children and young people.’  Furthermore, we will;

  • Treat students, staff and visitors with Respect at all times;
  • Incorporate and promote the values behind the ARC in all we do;
  • Instil a sense of self-worth and value in every student;
  • Encourage emotional literacy as a way of interpreting the world around us;
  • Encourage, challenge and support every person to achieve his or her potential.

All students should have access to a quality curriculum. A curriculum that will not only support their academic needs, but also develops the whole child, emotionally, socially and morally.

At Headlands ARC, we recognise that all students progress in different ways, through different approaches. With this in mind our aim is to look at the child from a holistic point of view.

The purpose of Headlands ARC is to provide a full time alternative educational provision for students who, for whatever reason, find a mainstream environment challenging. We will endeavour to use skills and experience to enable students to narrow the gap in academic and social ability offering them the best possible opportunities available.

Headlands ARC will support students to re-engage both from an educational and social point of view, enabling them to make a positive contribution both to school and home life. This foundation will also prepare them for Post 16 education and eventual employment.

Students will build on their social skills and emotional intelligence by way of a positive environment, high expectations, smaller classes and dedicated support staff.

We are an inclusive, understanding and proactive alternative provision that works alongside students and parents / carers, building relationships and providing a firm grounding for an individual students’ future.

Placements & Referral Process

Placements to the Headlands ARC 3 at Key Stage 3 are usually between 8 to 12 weeks.  The aim is to reintegrate students back into mainstream following a placement.

Placements are reviewed at Key Stage 3 on a fortnightly basis.  This review process involves students, parents / carers and members of the Headlands ARC team.  The outcomes of the Key Stage 3 placement could be:

  1. Return to mainstream full-time
  2. Return to mainstream part-time
  3. Extended placement in Headlands ARC

Placements to the Headlands ARC 1 and 2 at Key Stage 4 are for the duration of a student’s GCSE provision.  ARC 1 refers to students in Year 11 and ARC 2 refers to students in Year 10.

Referrals to Headlands ARC can be made in two ways:

  1. As a student on roll at Headlands School through an internal referral process. This process involves the student, parents / carers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Managers and members of the Headlands ARC Team.


  1. As an external student with an Education Health Care Plan through the Local Authorities Special Educational Needs team as an Enhanced Placement. This referral needs approval of the Local Authorities Special Educational Needs team.

Timings of the School Day for the ARC:

Start 8.30am. Finish 2.30pm.

Uniform Policy Headlands ARC:

At Key Stage 3 the Headlands ARC students follow Headlands School Uniform Policy.

At Key Stage 4 the Headlands ARC students follow Headlands School Uniform Policy but the school blazer is switched for a Headlands ARC black hoodie. 


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