In September 2015 we introduced Positive Discipline to further improve behaviour at Headlands School.
Positive Discipline is centred on three very simple concepts:
• that all young people enjoy being effectively rewarded for their effort
• that most young people need clear guidelines in terms of what constitutes acceptable behaviour
• that effective communication between teachers, parents/carers and students is essential for effective schools

Pastoral Care

All staff strive to implement the highest level of care and this approach promotes high standards of behaviour. Academic and pastoral progress are closely monitored and we believe it is important to praise effort and attainment by using our rewards system, which uses valuable incentives for students to achieve at their highest level.

Students are listened to at the highest level at Headlands School. They are encouraged to bring concerns to staff, to raise issues via their representative at Student Council and all students interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) every term.

Students are also supported by other students in our ‘Student Leader’ initiative (which can be viewed in more detail in the Student Leaders area), who are trained in nurturing, guiding and advising their younger peers. Student Leaders are also excellent role models and give our younger students uncompromisingly high aspirational standards in terms of personal conduct.

Personal Development

We want our students to be happy, safe and successful at Headlands and leave as caring young adults with an appreciation for the skills necessary to play a full and positive role in society.

Students play their part in the community through Tutor Group activities, the Student Council, voluntary service, charity campaigns, leading assemblies and from 2021, the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Moreover, we have an expectation of attendance to extra-curricular activities and a well developed careers programme.

We believe that all students have a part to play at Headlands and we encourage students to nurture their own development whilst being aware of the needs of others. Teamwork and collaboration are widely promoted skills of personal development.

We take the opportunity to promote the British values of democracy, mutual respect and tolerance. To embed these values, we have a rich PSHE programme in addition to subjects across the curriculum which enhance these values. We also encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes by mirroring national elections when they are held.

The documents below outline more information about our expectations of behaviour and our policies.

Behaviour for Learning Policy


Behaviour Around the School


Behaviour in the Classroom


Mobile Phone


Student Rewards


Attitude to Learning


Guide to Progress Reports