Our very successful and nationally recognised Student Leader scheme was set up in April 2008 as Peer Mentoring and from then it has gone from strength to strength.

In the summer term, students are invited to apply to be Student Leaders. A group of around 20 students are then selected and take part in a rigorous trial for a term involving supporting other students and assisting in the wide array of events that take place at Headlands School. Over time, they then take part in various training sessions in order to develop their skills and prepare them for their Student Leader roles.

During the summer term, all Student Leaders visit our primary schools to talk to the Year 6 students about their role at Headlands School and assure them that support is always there if they needed it as they made the transition from primary to secondary school.

Student Leaders have a high profile in the school and support many students and are involved in all of the community events we hold. We also advertise the specific days that the Student Leaders will be available in the Learning Resource Centre so that the students know when a particular leader is available.


All Student Leaders are available and active before school, at break, at lunchtimes and after school. We operate a drop-ins as well as one-to-one mentoring.

As a Student Leadership team, we strongly support and promote the ethos of anti-bullying. We are fully involved in the National Anti-Bullying Week in November and see that as an ideal opportunity to highlight the issues surrounding bullying.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Leaders, please do not hesitate to contact us via the main reception or the email addresses below:

Miss Massey (Year Leader): emily.massey@headlandsschool.co.uk
Mr Stamper (Assistant Head): david.stamper@headlandsschool.co.uk

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