Sixth Form life is not simply about the grades that you receive at the end, at Headlands, we take a holistic approach to the education of our students, students leave us with knowledge not just in academic subjects, but also about life as an adult in British Society.


Opportunities are provided to students in the form of work experience programmes, University summer schools and visits, employment within the Sixth Form and experience of leadership within our student leadership team.


We celebrate the achievements of all of our students, this can be through our regular, “Sixth Former of the Week”, through Key Stage 5 awards evenings, rewards, and recognition.


As a team, the staff in the Sixth form are dedicated to our students and do all that we can to support them in every aspect of their life, both academically and pastorally. The Team has allocated time to be available in the Sixth Form area for student support throughout the day.


At Headlands we have cultivated a variety of links within the local community to provide opportunities for employment, work experience and even a local discount scheme for members of the Sixth Form community.


We have the highest levels of aspiration for each and every one of our students and endeavour to instill this in them. Students are supported to aim high when choosing their next destination.

Next steps

As students begin to explore their post-18 options, specialist support is available to those applying to university including during the UCAS application process and subsequent university interviews.  For those looking to move on to Apprenticeships, we have Careers and Guidance support available.


At headlands we are delighted to see 91% of our students go onto further study in Higher Education, with 40% of these taking up places at leading Russell Group Universities.


The culture and ethos of the Sixth Form is one that promotes understanding of others and other viewpoints and healthy debate is encouraged, Recent refurbishment of the Sixth Form area has also contributed to an environment based on effective study and learning support. The whole Sixth Form experience aims to support students in all aspects, with academic excellence a priority.