Mrs S Bone

Executive Headteacher

Mrs A Stamford

Head of School

Miss B Brown

Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mrs G Rogers

Associate Deputy Headteacher

Miss T Roberts

Assistant Headteacher: Data and Timetable

Mr I Walton

Assistant Headteacher (SENCO) – Student Learning + Progress

Mr D Stamper

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Community

Miss L Woodward

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Cultural Capital

Mr A Woolley

Assistant Headteacher: Teaching + Learning

Mr R Fraser

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mathematical Literacy and Head of Maths

Mr B Cooke

Assistant Head – Behaviour

Mrs F Westcott

Director of  Student Services

Miss E Massey

Pastoral Manager: Key Stage 3

Mrs N Mainprize 

Year Leader

Mr N Gilbert

Year Leader

Mrs R Cowell

Year Leader

Mrs L O’Neill

Year Leader

Mrs S Douthwaite

Pastoral Manager: Key Stage 4+5

Miss L Mulligan

Director of Sixth Form

Mr J Temple

Director of Science

Mrs A McKean

Associate Assistant Head Ambition and Achievement

Miss K Syrett

Head of English

Mr M Hoult

Head of Sport

Mrs C Morgan

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs V Bannister

Head of Art

Miss P Bradley

Director of Curriculum + Head of History

Mrs S Fairlamb

Head of Religious Studies

Mr J Williamson

Head of Business and Computing

Mrs K Bentley

Joint Subject Lead MFL

Ms A Allen

Joint Subject Lead MFL

Staff roles and responsibilities