February 2020

Team Headlands has received the silver award from Modeshift Stars, a scheme which encourages students and staff to cycle and walk to school.

Well done to Mr Fairlamb and everyone else involved in the success. Headlands can now use the Modeshift Silver logo on the school’s letters and website, and we will receive a silver star for the plaque which is kept in the conference room.

October 2019

We hosted our bike library for the second year and once again, the day was very successful. Students could receive a free loan bicycle as well as receive a free service for their bike or donate any unwanted or unused bicycles to the library.

July 2019

All students in Years 7 and 8 received a practical road safety workshop from road safety officers at Gist Lorries.

June 2019

Students were given the opportunity to try out their skills and tricks on BMX bikes with some expert coaching and the safe landing of the airbag! Students across all years and genders took part in this very unique opportunity.

May 2019

Some of our youth travel ambassadors were selected to form the first ever Headlands cycle racing team. They built their own bike and competed against teams from three other schools at Hull cycle track.
They won the competition, completing the furthest distance on the day and won a signed Movistar team kit!





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