The Team Headlands Sports Day is one of the highlights of the school year — with much more than just races.

It’s a fun-packed day with all sorts of attractions for all the year groups.

We will all miss not be able to  enjoy the sports day fun this year but next week, Headlands is organising a virtual sports day for students and their families.

Watch this video to find out more.

You will have from Monday to Friday next week (July 13th to 17th) to complete 10 set events. Record and upload your results.

You can download a results sheet for your family by clicking here

We’d love to see pictures and videos of your virtual sports day. Send them to the Google classroom, add them as a comment to the posts on our Facebook page or tag @Headlands_PE on Twitter

Not only is this a chance for us to come together as Team Headlands  and have some fun, we also have some great prizes on offer.

There will be  individual prizes for students but also rewards for families who take part together and make a big effort.

Thanks to Jolly Jumpers, Urban Kitchen, Seven Coffee Shop and the Marine Bar who have provided vouchers for prizes.

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