What you’ll learn:

Biology is an ever changing field of science that continues to evoke a sense of wonder in all that appreciate it. The subject is varied and detailed and goes someway to explaining how life functions on the planet. We hope that you will be as excited as we are about the subject and choose to study here with us at Headlands.


A-Level year one outline

In Year 1, the specification continues to build upon the content learned throughout GCSE and aims to expand the understanding of students into ‘real –world’ Biology.

You will study 4 different topics:

Ø  Biological Molecules

Ø  Cells

Ø  Organisms and their exchange with the environment

Ø  Genetics, variation and relationships between organisms.

  •       A-Level year 2 outline
  •       The Year 2 course follows up the principles studied in Year 1 and continues to contextualise the use of Biology ‘in the real world’:

Ø  Energy Transfers in and between organisms

Ø  Organisms responding to changes in their internal and external environments

Ø  Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems

Ø  The control of gene expression.


Lessons are taught from both a theory and practical basis. Throughout the two years there are a series of required practical’s that secure a practical endorsement from the exam board.


There will also be opportunities to attend visits that aim to further understanding and excitement for the subject, as well as the implementation of Ecological techniques on a Biology Field Trip.

How you’ll be assessed:



Paper 1 – any content from section 1,2,3 & 5. Multiple choice and short answer questions. Worth 100 marks

 Paper 2 – any content from sections 1,2,4,& 6. Multiple choice and short answer questions. Worth 100 marks

 Paper 3– a synoptic paper assessing knowledge from the entire specification and relevant practical skills, short and extended questions.


There is no practical exam. Practical skills will be assessed across the entire length of the course, recorded in a project style book and reported separately as a PASS or FAIL.


Where next:

Degree level qualifications in Animal Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Medicine, Marine Biology, Molecular Biosciences, Sport Science, Pharmacology and Veterinary Science are some of the popular choices after studying A-level Biology.


Opportunities in the NHS, Teaching, Genetics, Nursing, Catering, Land Management, Animal Husbandry, Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy to name but a few.