What you’ll learn:

  •   The Early Tudors (Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I) (Paper 1)
  •   Democracy & Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963 (Paper 2)
  •   Popular Culture & the 16th Century & 17th Century Witch Craze (Paper 3)
  •   Holocausts in the 20th century (personal study)


How you’ll be assessed:


Exam assessment, marked by the exam board:

Popular Culture & the 16th Century & 17th Century Witch Craze 2 ½ hour exam.

Tudors exam 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Democracy & Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963 1hour exam.

Non exam assessment:

Historical Investigation. This is a personal study based on a topic of the student’s choice. This will take the form of a question in the context of approximately 100 years and will need to be 3000-4000 words. This is marked by teachers and moderated by OCR


Where next:


History A level is highly regarded at all universities and is highly valued by the Russell group of universities as it is still considered to be one of the traditionally rigorous subjects of enquiry, debate and argument.

The literacy rich content of the course, the depth of enquiry and communication skills which you will need to develop during A2, will compliment most other A Levels.

History study skills are very employable assets in a wide range of careers. History is considered to be an excellent springboard into Law, Politics, Economics, Sociology and the Social Sciences, Government, Diplomacy, Civil Service, Management, Languages, Education, American Studies, European studies and any career where the analysis of complex data is required to be analysed and presented to others in a coherent and understandable format.