What you’ll learn:

There are 3 main components to the course: 1. UK Politics ü Political Participation ü Democracy ü Political parties ü Electoral systems ü Voting behaviour ü The media. 2. UK Government ü The constitution ü Powers of Parliament ü Powers of the Prime Minister and executive ü Relationships between the branches. 3. USA Politics ü The US Constitution and federalism ü US Congress ü US presidency ü US Supreme Court ü US civil rights ü US democracy and participation ü Comparative theories.


How you’ll be assessed:

Component 1: UK Politics (2-hour exam) Section A: Political Participation Section B: Core Political Ideas Component 2: UK Government (2-hour exam) Section A: UK Government Section B: Non-core Political Ideas Component 3: USA Politics (2-hour exam) Section A One 12-mark sort response question, Section B One compulsory 12-mark short response question, Section C Two 30-mark essay questions


Where next:

Politics may be something you wish to work in indirectly; working in the media, journalism, working for political parties, working for companies that gauge public opinion. Transferable skills include understanding how the political system operates, communication, political theory, and international study – just to name a few. Politics students have a wide variety of career choices and will gain the understanding required to work in almost any industry.