What you’ll learn:

You will study a range of play texts in different styles and study the work of several theatre practitioners. You will analyse how texts can be directed, performed and how theatre spaces can be designed for specific effects. You will develop more in-depth and varied acting skills and analyse live theatre productions, understanding production concepts and director’s interpretations.


How you’ll be assessed:

Component 1 Written exam – study of 2 plays and a live theatre review, 40% of grade. Component 2 Practical group devised performance using techniques of a chosen  

                   theatre practitioner. 30% of grade.

Component 3 Practical performance of scripted extracts using the methods of a

                  chosen practitioner. 30% of grade.

Where next:

Drama degree or equivalent performing arts professional training course, teaching, careers in the performing arts industry and/or media, arts administration, other careers where the presentation and communication of creative ideas is required.